STAR- Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research

Download Release Version: R-Packages 1.5 STAR 2.0.1, Installation Procedure

Crop research generally involves the use of statistical techniques to generate efficient designs for data collection and to draw valid conclusions from appropriate data analysis. Much commercial and free software for statistical analysis are available. However, most commercial software are developed for general statistical analysis and are costly or difficult to use, whereas the freeware only has very limited functions. R is a language and an environment for statistical computing and graphics that has become increasingly popular. Many classical and modern statistical methods have been well implemented in R, mainly through hundreds of add-on packages contributed by leading statisticians. New add-on packages can be rapidly developed by exploring the functions of existing packages. However, some users find R’s command line interface challenging. Software with a graphical user interface (GUI) involving menus, dialog boxes, and spreadsheets is generally more preferred.

STAR is developed using Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) and R language for crop scientists and has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Its current version provides modules for generating randomization and layout of experimental designs commonly used in crop research, data management, and basic statistical analysis, including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and ANOVA of designed experiments. In the future, modules for mixed models, combined analysis, general linear models and multivariate analysis will also be included. 

PBTools - Plant Breeding Tools

Download Release VersionR-Packages 1.5 , PBTools 1.4 , Installation Procedure

Data from plant breeding trials need to be analyzed properly, with greater speed to support selection decision making. Genetic information should also be derived from breeding trials to determine more efficient breeding strategies. Although general statistical software can be used to analyze breeding trials, many practical breeders are seeking easy-to-use analytical tools. A software for plant breeders, PBTools, is being developed at IRRI. It is a free application, created using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) and R language and has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

The current version provides modules for analyzing single- and multi-environment trials (METs) conducted using widely-used experimental designs. Genotype can be regarded as fixed or random effect. Depending on the model, the outputs include ANOVA table, variance components, heritability and pairwise comparisons. For METs, the regression-based stability parameter and Shukla’s stability variance are also computed and, the Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) model is implemented. In the future, modules for generating design layouts, breeding value prediction based on genetic relationships between genotypes and multi-trait selection index will also be included.


Download Version: CropStat

CropStat is a computer program for data management and basic statistical analysis of experimental data. It can be run in any 32-bit Windows operating system. It has been developed primarily for the analysis of data from agricultural field trials, but many of the features can be used for analysis of data from other sources.
  • The main modules and facilities are
  • Data management with a spreadsheet
  • Text editor
  • Descriptive statistics and Scatterplot Graphics
  • Balanced analysis of variance
  • Unbalanced analysis (generalized linear models)
  • Linear Mixed Models
  • Combined analysis of variance
  • Analysis of repeated measures
  • Regression and correlation analysis 
  • Single-site analysis for variety trials
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Genotype × environment interaction analysis
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Quantitative trait loci analysis 
  • Graphics
  • Utilities for randomization and layout, and orthogonal polynomial17. Analysis of Categorical Data
To install the program on your computer, unzip the file and run the file SETUP.EXE in the installation folder. To start the program, run the file CROPSTAT.EXE, or click the icon that will be installed by the SETUP program.


Download: FieldLabV2-9.apk

FieldLab is an application for Android tablet that used for data collection in the field. IRRI’s researchers and technicians are using this application to go paperless and thus, promote digital revolution.

  • Import ICIS workbook as a study
  • Export observation data collected to an ICIS workbook format
  • With validation, range entry and look-up values on data entry form.
  • Integration with wireless bar-code reader (Baracoda brand)
  • Manages trait to measured
  • Manages images and audio captured
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